Professional Taiko

As professional Taiko performers, we are available for private bookings for entertainment and/or workshops for special events. From small performance of 2-3 drummers, to much larger group performaces. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Performance for your private party, function or event.
From $300 (20min performance + a 30min workshop) to $1000 Full-day event.

Corporate Gigs

Byron Taiko offers dynamic performances that add excitement to any corporate event by getting hearts pounding and expanding cultural understanding in an unforgettable way.

Byron Taiko is headed up by a multitalented Japanese Taiko Drummer, Shamisen, traditional kimono dancer, Bamboo flute,and composer These highly recommended Japanese Taiko Drummers are based in Byron Bay and available to travel over the Australia with Van load drums and instroments.

Bon Odori (Dance)

Byron Taiko offers Bon Odori with live music and authentic rhythm. You can watch or workshop with your guests. Feel the rhythm and join the dance.
Bon odori is an important part of Japanese traditional culture since the Heian Period. A 1,000-year old custom.
Don’t worry too much about learning the dance steps. They’re not difficult, and the same steps are repeated over and over. Just give it a shot, join the circle, and you’ll gradually get the hang of it.

Chindon - Japanese Folk & Drums Parade

Chindon is a traditional roving musical parade. Byron Taiko offer this with Taiko, Shamisen, Bamboo flute, Narimono.

Geisha Music with Shamisen

'Shamisen' is a 3-stringed Japanese musical instrument resembling a Banjo.
Great for background folk music to suit any occasion.
Include Kiyari songs, and Okinawan Music. Kimono dancers can be arranged for your event size.
All the Japanese decorations included lanterns in our event rental package.

Various Style of Japanese Celabrations

Japanese atmosphere set up to your home, shop, events. Byron taiko can arrange various set up for you.
Byron Taiko is providing annual Japan Festival Byron Bay for community, We can bring similer theme to your party and events.
Coming with Lantern deco, Drums or Fork band set up, Microphoens+ spekers + PA board, 3m marquees food stall.
See the link belew for image, feel free to contact us what we can do for you!

Japanese music and atmosphere for your event

Opening music
Entrance music
Roving/ Parade
Kimono Dance

Restaurants and shop anniversary

We can support to organize your event, talk to us freely.
PA system spaekers and microphone rental for your MC is also available.

Cultural Event

Invite us to your fundraiser harmony event, school event, festivals.
Anything can be arrage for you.
Negotiable for Non-profit and Charity

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