Experience Japan

IIf you’re thinking of a Japanese-themed party, you’ve come to the right place.
We're here to help you host a genuine Japanese-themed party – from planning, catering, decorations, games, music, dance and professional performance.

See the link belew for image, feel free to contact us what we can do for you!

Event Styling & Decor

We have an extensive range of japanese lanterns, cherry blossom, Taiko (drums) for hire to create an authentic traditional cultural atmosphere.
Band set-up, microphones, speakers, PA system, 3x3m marquee's and a food stall are also available for hire.
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ZEN Meditaion & Chanting

【ZEN Mantra Dance & Sacred Sound Healing】
Japanese Buddhist chanting is a deep meditation through vibrational instruments to enhance inner peace.
Led by Mayu, you'll experience a beautiful meditation through the vibrations of the Didgeridoo, Bamboo Flute and Taiko drum.
The Mantra is a powerful tool for connection to a clear mind and inner peace.

Geisha Music with Shamisen

'Shamisen' is a 3-stringed Japanese musical instrument resembling a Banjo.
Great for background folk music to suit any occasion.
Include Kiyari songs, and Okinawan Music. Kimono dancers can be arranged for your event size.
All the Japanese decorations included lanterns in our event rental package.

Parade Chindon Roving

'Chindon' is a traditional roving musical parade. Byron Taiko offer it with Taiko, Shamisen, Bamboo flute and Narimono.


Bon Odori (Dance)

'Bon Odori' (Bon dance) is an important part of Japanese traditional culture since the Heian Period. A 1,000-year old custom!
Byron Taiko offer Bonodori dance with live music and authentic rhythm.
Watch the professionals or workshop with your guests.
Don’t worry too much about learning the dance steps. They’re not difficult, and the same steps are repeated over and over. Just give it a shot, join the circle, and you’ll gradually get the hang of it.
Feel the rhythm and join the dance.


Eat with your friends!

Byron Taiko's Director Hiro was head chef of Byron's central Sushi Bar for 4 years,
He starts working in sushi place in Japan since he was 16yo.

  • All
  • Sushi& Sashimi
  • Charclol Grill Yakitori
  • Japanese Hot Pot Party
  • Izakaya Small Bites

Play music together

We can teach music not only taiko but Shamisen, Bamboo Flute, and Sansin
Taiko is always good to go Inprovisations.

Eat with your friends!

Talk to us freely for Japanese food & Japanese draft beer arrage (licenced as market style 3m x 3m)

Our works

Craft and Workshops

We can organize craft workshops, Calligraphy + origami, Lantern making, Japanese Fan paint, Indigo dye, Cooking class.
Anything can be arranged for you.