Team Building - Taiko Workshop

A great way to achieve your team building goals - Taiko is a form of music combining rhythm, movement and spirit.
Our workshops are fun, interactive and guaranteed to create a happy, healthy team. Dependent on teamwork - together you will create a stunning Taiko performance, requiring commitment, mutual awareness, support, trust and enthusiasm.
Accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability or musical aptitude.

ZEN Meditation, Chanting

【ZEN Mantra Dance & Sacred Sound Healing】
Japanese Buddhisum chanting and meditaiton, Deep meditation through vibrational instruments. Buddhist mantra to enhance inner peace. The Mantra is a powerful meditation tool for connection to a clear mind and inner peace.
Mayu leads a deep meditation through vibrational instruments can including Didgeridoo or bamboo flute and Taiko drum.

Parade Chindon Roving, Geisha Music

Bon Dance Workshop, Chindon Roving, Folk Band, Kimono Dancers
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Play music together

Taiko is a unique activity, which demands discipline, total commitment and focus in pursuit of a team task.
In this structured and creative environment that is new to all, we enable your team to look at the foundations of effective teamwork: co-operation, mutual awareness and mutual respect in new and exciting ways.

Eat with your friends!

Talk to us freely for Japanese food & Japanese draft beer catering / Market stall style garden party arragement. (licenced as market style 3m x 3m)
PA system spaekers and microphone rental for your speech is also available.

Our works

Not only Taiko Drum

but we can deliver Dance workshop, various craft workshops, Calligraphy + origami, Lantern making, Japanese Fan paint, Indigo dye, Cooking class.
Anything can be arrage for you.

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