Multicultural Community Byron Bay

Increasing culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background residents in Byron Shire.

Reference to Byron Shire community profile / demographic resource

Interest Taiko Drum

From The Japan Festival Byron Bay survey 71.4% of people interested in participate to workshop

School students

Student-profiles at Byron public schools reflect the multicultural nature of the local community with 18% of student population being members of families from other nations.

Overseas arrivals

Visiter of Japan 12.6% from Australia


In 2016, 17.8% of people in Byron Shire were born overseas, compared with 11.2% in Regional NSW.

Our Activities in Byron Bay

In 2017-2020 members of the then Byron Taiko provided a variety of Activities and workshops supported by funding from Byron Council’s Community Initiatives Program and Multicultural NSW’s Celebrating Diversity Program.

School Visit

Byron Taiko can bring a van load of drums to your school to run hands-on workshops for a day or half-day. We can be flexible in our approach in order to help you achieve the educational outcomes you require.
The most common approach is for us to run 4 workshops, each of about an hour, catering for up to 30 pupils at a time. For this kind of workshop, we need a large space (school halls are usually ideal), where we can make noise that won’t interfere with the normal running of the school.
This is just one approach. There are many ways to create a successful day of taiko, so it’s best to get in touch with us directly to discuss how we can achieve it with you. Please email us or call: 0469 266 446.

Youth Taiko Drum Project

Youth Taiko Drum Project supported by Byron Youth Service and Community Initiative Program Byron Shire Council.
We providing weekly workshops on every Thursday.
It changed to Digital Collaboration, broadcasting live tuition during the COVID-19 circumstance. now.

Japan Festival Byron Bay

Japan Festival Byron Bay is an annual event, organised by the local Japanese community, celebrating cultural diversity and showcasing authentic Japanese performance and foods. This year the festival committee changed the plan as a VIRTUAL CONCERT to community can stay connecting through the online music practice and digital collaboration.


Byron Taiko is providing Japnese peformances all coast line from Noosa head to Ballina. Contact us for any inquirery or request cultural performances.

Byron Taiko Camp

Taiko drum is energetic activity which make real life, person to person, social connections, to share cultural experiences and understanding of cultural diversity. It also helps physically and mentally health. We runs "Byron Multicultural Inc" to providing the opportunities to bond multicultural community in Byron Bay, inter actions and supports. Young people who attend drum lessons, They will learn and practice Taiko drumming skills and learn about Japanese cultural traditions and prepare for a public showcase performance at annual community free enter event Japan Festival Byron Bay. Regular session is including dance, Japanese Language and culture education.

Taiko Making Workshop

Taiko can made by simple materials, Bamboo body, Prastic

Special Pro Tutor Workshops

Byron Taiko planning a Special pro tutor workshops in each teams e.g. Ryuji Hamada from TAIKOZ, Japan Taiko Association certified instructor sesstion, Chieko Kojima KODO Japan

2019-2020 Special Guest Tutors Schedule

We planning not only regular weekly Taiko lessons but special guest tutor session in each teams.
scheduled date below.

Nana & Yoko KashinoKizuna

Gold Coast

Ryuji HamadaTaikoz


Chieko KojimaKodo


Simon VanyaiTaiko-on


Our Activities

Cultural workshops

To share our cultural diversity and connect with local communities

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engaging with our for local multicultural community

Support events

Byron Harmony Festival
Japan Festival Byron Bay

Recruiting members

Contact us to join Byron Multicultural Inc


Byron Multicultural is a not-for-profit organisation providing cultural workshops and events

And more

Visiting schools with multicultural activities


Byron shire in-migrantion
Increased Migration Population


people, 42.6% of those who moved within Australia, moved within Byron Shire.


NSW in-migrantion


In 2016, the age group with the highest net migration to Byron Shire was persons aged 35 to 44 years

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Our Activity

  • Byron Harmony Festival 2019
  • Japanese Dance SAKURA
  • Byron Wagakki Band
  • Cultural Lunch
  • Share plates
  • African drum workshop
  • Monthly Lunch Project
  • Japan Festival Byron Bay
  • Japanese Drum Team Kizuna

  Festival Venue and Weekly Practice

Broadcast from most eastely point Byron Bay

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Japan Festival Byron Bay

0469 266 446

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